Anthony S. Unger, MD

Joint Replacement, Hip, Knee, and Shoulder Specialist

Anthony S. Unger, MD

Dr. Anthony S. Unger, MD, is a nationally recognized expert in Total Joint Replacement and Minimally Invasive Surgery. He is a regular lecturer, teacher and researcher for these techniques and educates physicians around the world in this discipline. His expertise in Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery draws patients from around the world.

Dr. Unger also has developed several new implants and technologies and has been awarded multiple U.S. patents in the area of Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery.

Dr. Unger is board-certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

DISCLOSURE: Dr. Anthony Unger has financial relationships with the orthopedic industry because of consulting and design contracts. A copy of his disclosure statement is available on the AAOS website. If there are any questions regarding these relationships please feel free to consult with Dr. Unger.

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