Joint Replacement

Joint replacement is one of the most effective surgical procedures in all of medicine. It provides significant pain relief and allows patients to restore motion and function. Arthroplasty (joint replacement) is most commonly performed for hip, knee, and shoulder arthritis and is best performed by highly skilled surgeons with surgical expertise and clinical experience. The procedures are typically quite effective and durable for 10-30 years depending on the type of arthritis, joint involved, and several other factors.

Joint Replacement Specialists

All of our orthopaedic surgeons are board-certified and have more than 75 years of combined experience practicing orthopaedic surgery.  We serve as leaders of major orthopaedic departments at local hospitals and provide innovative surgical techniques and new technologies to improve total joint replacement surgery.  WOSM joint replacement experts serve as a tertiary referral source for consultations and complex primary and revision joint replacements in local, regional, national, and international patients.

Our specialists’ experience includes:

WOSM Expertise

The process of undergoing a joint replacement involves many aspects other than the actual surgery. Our physicians place focus on continuity of care across all phases of the surgical process:

  • Pre-surgical:Preparation for total joint replacements is coordinated with Sibley Memorial’s Hospital Institute of Bone and Joint Health. This institute enables comprehensive care between the doctor’s office and hospital setting and aids in preparing patients for surgery.
  • During surgery:Pain protocols, anesthesia, and WOSM’s surgical physician assistants contribute to making the post-operative phase easier. Currently our total knee patients receive peripheral nerve bocks along with their regular anesthesia, dramatically reducing postoperative pain for the first three days. Nerve blocks contribute to faster recovery and reduced risk of narcotic dependence. Our highly skilled team of surgical physician assistants delivers additional care as an extension to our physicians.
  • Post-operative:Patients are seen in the office shortly after being discharged to receive wound care, pain management, and to establish a post-operative plan of care. To receive specific post-operative instructions, please contact your physician’s medical assistant. Some surgeries require physical therapy regimens which are established by our physicians.

Joint Replacement Evaluation

At Washington Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, one of our joint replacement specialists will evaluate whether you are a candidate for joint replacement.  At your evaluation, you can expect:

  • Thorough medical history review
  • Physical examination
  • X-rays (when indicated)
  • Appropriate advanced imaging studies, (e.g. MRI or CT scan) if indicated
  • Explanation of surgical procedures and outcomes


Below are list of the joint replacement surgeries we perform.  Please click on the type of surgery to learn more about it: