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Biologic Knee Preservation: Cartilage Restoration Techniques

In a goal to preserve one’s joint, several different surgical techniques exist to stimulate one’s body to regenerate cartilage within the knee. Cartilage is unique in that it lacks a blood supply. As a result, once injured, the body has a poor capacity to heal... Read More

Compartment Syndrome and Labrum Tears

Twin set of injuries meets one physician solution As every serious or even casual athlete knows, injuries are a part of any sports activity. High school athletics are no exception, with numbers and severity of injuries sustained by teen athletes rivaling those in college and... Read More

Biologic Knee Preservation Part Two

Part Two In this second video of a two-part series, Dr. John Klimkiewicz of Washington Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine discusses several surgical procedures for the knee, in particular meniscus repair and cartilage regeneration, as well as rehabilitation and recovery goals and timelines.   Dr. John... Read More