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torn rotator cuff

The Importance of Proper Rotator Cuff Rehab

The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles with a common tendon that helps to stabilize the shoulder by keeping the head of the humerus stabilized in the socket (glenoid) throughout the arc of motion. The rotator cuff provides translational (sliding) and rotational (twisting)... Read More

Compartment Syndrome and Labrum Tears

Twin set of injuries meets one physician solution As every serious or even casual athlete knows, injuries are a part of any sports activity. High school athletics are no exception, with numbers and severity of injuries sustained by teen athletes rivaling those in college and... Read More

Reducing Injury Risk

The importance of preparing your body for any athletic activity or workout simply cannot be over-emphasized. Many common injuries among weekend warriors and recreational athletes can be easily prevented by taking the time to adequately stretch and/or warm up. In the following video, Kevin McGuinness,... Read More