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Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy: Applications, Effects, and Potential

As head team physician for the Washington Capitals and Georgetown University athletics, Dr. John Klimkiewicz knows a thing or two about musculoskeletal injuries. One of the more promising therapies for such injuries that Dr. Klimkiewicz is studying is platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which also offers opportunities... Read More

Compartment Syndrome and Labrum Tears

Twin set of injuries meets one physician solution As every serious or even casual athlete knows, injuries are a part of any sports activity. High school athletics are no exception, with numbers and severity of injuries sustained by teen athletes rivaling those in college and... Read More

Prepare Your Bike and Body for a More Rewarding Cycling Experience

Washington D.C. is a frequent entry on “Most Bike-Friendly Cities in America” lists across the media landscape.1 With over 50 miles of bike lanes on city streets,2 hundreds of miles of paved bike trails, bicycle tours of the monuments, and a bike share service with... Read More

Stretching and Strengthening for Running: Injury risk reduction strategies

With winter finally over and spring in full swing, thousands of Washington DC-area runners will be dusting off their running shoes this month and hitting the trails. Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the United States and, according to the... Read More

Prehabilitation: Training for Surgery or Sport

Prehabilitation (or “prehab”) refers to a therapy program designed either to prepare the body for surgery or as a method of injury prevention for athletic training, the work environment, or everyday functional activities. In this article, we first summarize prehab’s mental, emotional, and physical benefits... Read More