Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy: Applications, Effects, and Potential

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As head team physician for the Washington Capitals and Georgetown University athletics, Dr. John Klimkiewicz knows a thing or two about musculoskeletal injuries. One of the more promising therapies for such injuries that Dr. Klimkiewicz is studying is platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which also offers opportunities for a wide variety of clinical and orthopaedic applications. He recently gave a talk on PRP at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association meeting this past June in Baltimore. You can learn more about PRP in the link to his presentation below:

PRP Update: From Basic Science to Clinical Application

John J. KlimkiewiczDr. John J. Klimkiewicz is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in joint replacement and sports medicine, with a concentration in knee and shoulder surgery. In addition to his appointments as head team physician for the Washington Capitals hockey team and Georgetown University athletics, Dr. Klimkiewicz has served as an elected delegate representing Washington, DC in the American Society for Sports Medicine, and as an editor for the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. He joined Washington Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in January 2016.