My first impression of Dr. Starr 10 years ago which still holds true today is of an upbeat, highly energetic professional with a gleam to his eye. In his professional capacity he is able to quickly assess a situation, order diagnostic procedures as necessary and follow up with a treatment plan, possibly surgical or another alternative.

As a precursor to my testimonial I would like to note that ten years ago in December of 2009, Dr. Starr performed complex cervical spinal surgery on my neck for advanced degenerative arthritis. The prognosis at the time, was limited cervical mobility. I’m pleased to say that I have regained near full mobility.

Prior to my current surgery of  November 26, 2019 I had advanced spinal stenosis. By May 2019, my back and leg spasms had increased markedly. In October, I experienced my first spinal collapse. My legs would not sustain me.

I made an appointment with Dr. Starr at the end of October. A CT scan was ordered and at a follow up visit, Dr. Starr recommended surgery at the earliest possible date. The advanced spinal stenosis had been confirmed with concurrent severe lumbar scoliosis.

Dr. Starr’s ability to envision the procedure and outcome are a testimonial to his vast surgical not only skill but vision and talent. The way he positioned the spinal hardware has enhanced my spinal alignment, adding a full inch to my height.  The current prognosis includes considerable spinal flexibility both during recovery and into the future.

I am also beholden to Dr. Starr’s assistant, Ali who has been indefatigable in facilitating related treatment follow up and insurance contacts with extreme patience and geniality.

- Yarmila Aragon