I fractured my foot in a bad place (Jones fracture) that may require surgery to insert a screw.  I saw two other orthopedic surgeons specializing in feet before I saw Dr. Magur.  Both tried to rush me into surgery.

 A friend suggested Dr. Magur.  I read his bio and was quite happily surprised to see the following: “His approach to foot and ankle care is to evaluate the injury or condition, assess the patient’s lifestyle and recommend appropriate treatment measures. When feasible, he recommends nonoperative measures such as medication, therapy, shoewear modifications and orthotics.  Surgical discussions are generally reserved for conditions that fail to respond to appropriate conservative management.”  That is EXACTLY what I was looking for – someone who would do everything possible BEFORE trying surgery.  I had read enough about Jones fractures to know that many of them do mend on their own if the foot is not walked on for 6-8 weeks and adjunct therapy such as electrical bone stimulation or ultrasound pulsing is used.  Both of those can be done at home by the patient once a day.  To me, the wait was worth it to not undergo surgery.

I spoke to Ele, his Medical Assistant, and was able to obtain a relatively quick appointment. She said Dr. Magur would take new xrays of my food and then discuss with me.   Not knowing if Dr. Magur would be suggesting surgery or not, Ele arranged for the surgical procedure to be performed about 4 days after my appointment with w/ Dr. Magur.  She was wonderful, replying to my numerous emails and phoned questions, often before I even asked them.  The info she emailed me was spot on for accurately dealing with every issue I could think of.  On the day of the appt, I came w/ 8 research studies supporting my desire to wait and see in case Dr. Magur was going to push for surgery.  I needn’t have bothered.  Dr. Magur gave me his opinion and was completely agreeable to waiting to see if mending starts.  I couldn’t have asked for a nicer experience with a doctor — he was knowledgeable, professional AND kind.

Ele said she would have a person from a medical supply company call me about getting the bone stimulator.  I asked her about getting a handicapped parking sticker since I can’t walk on my foot and she said their aim was to do everything they could to make this situation better for me – and she and Dr. Magur certainly did!  I feel so fortunate that my friend suggested I see Dr. Magur.

- Carole Sherman
Superior Doctor and Superior Medical Assistant - Dr. Magur