I had two surgeries with Dr. Shaffer: one in 1996 on a progressively worsening rotator cuff tear left shoulder that began with ski injury. Thirteen years later, in 2009, I had surgery for an extensive acute rotator cuff tear, with extreme pain, after I fell while running.

Dr. Shaffer does not rush to do surgery. He explains non-surgical options, and pursues them. He recommends surgical intervention only when he is satisfied non-surgical options are exhausted.

Immediately following each of the cuff repairs, Dr. Shaffer thoroughly and patiently explained the procedure, outcome, and my status to my wife. Near term and long term follow-up with me was to ensure that I reached physical therapy milestones. Dr. Shaffer had different office assistants for each of my surgeries; both were well trained — technically and in patient relations.

Dr. Shaffer is, above all, a skilled orthopedic surgeon. In the case of my two surgeries, that skill was tested because of the extent of damage. To gain a favorable outcome with a difficult injury, the combination of a talented surgeon and patient compliance with physical therapy is essential. That was my experience with and after surgery by Dr. Shaffer. With respect to range of motion, strength and comfort, I could not have had a better long-term result — in both instances. Also, Dr. Shaffer has a pleasant, personable and friendly manner. He communicates in conversation-speak, not in lecture-speak.

- Sorell Schwartz
Rockville, Maryland