Some 15 years ago, after thorough due diligence, including conversations with some of his peers, I sought Dr. Shaffer’s help for a torn rotator cuff, his declared specialty. Before his first touch, I felt the depth and breadth of his medical skills exceeded his reputation. More importantly, I sensed his willingness to take ownership of my problem; to make a personal investment in my repair. Clearly, his gratification depended on my successful outcome.

During subsequent visits over the years, I further realized his interest in helping patients went well beyond his specialty. He graciously offered tentative diagnoses and invaluable advice on other of my orthopaedic issues, several ignored by other doctors. He personally intervened on my behalf, enabling and introducing me to medical expertise and resources outside his practice, medical care that I could not have discovered without his guidance.

Dr. Shaffer is the complete physician: he heals the person. Hippocrates must be proud of him.

- P. David Pappert
Bethesda, Maryland