I had a knee injury for several months that was bothering me while I ran and worked out. Dr. Shaffer was the first doctor I saw; however, I did get a second opinion. The knee pain was very troubling to me because I am an avid athlete who competes regularly and the pain was interrupting my lifestyle. We had originally chosen another course of treatment, but if failed to solve my pain, so it became clear that we needed to follow a more aggressive approach.

Dr. Shaffer was terrific. He was honest about my options and explained all consequences both positive and negative. I felt very confident that I was able to make an educated choice. By having a second opinion that confirmed the course of action, I had even greater comfort. We chose an approach that addressed the current problem, but also addressed other biomechanical challenges that I faced (even though they did not bother me).

My recovery was very smooth. Dr. Shaffer recommended a great PT and I followed their instructions to the T. Plus, the office staff is a wonderful group of people who were very helpful.

- Jennifer Manner
Bethesda, Maryland