I’ve been going to Washington Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Chevy Chase for my medical needs since 2013.  For me this is the best office in the area, which is extremely well managed and has friendly environment, with professionally behaved, pleasant and welcoming staffs.

My favorite physician is Dr. Barth!  Although he is often busy caring for his patients, I always get the feeling that he is truly involved with my medical needs, wellbeing and progress.  The very best thing any person needs to receive in order to trust, respect, love and stay loyal to his/her physician.  

Furthermore, Alex is the jewel.  She is the best assistance Dr. Barth has ever had.  She is caring, attentive, and extremely pleasant.  She never fails to respond to your messages and emails!

Kevin McGinness has been my therapist since 2013 at SMARTherapy.  He is friendly, extremely pleasant, caring, attentive, effective, and accommodating.  I recently had an shoulder injury and he was booked for almost a month, he however find a way to get me in and start the therapy.  I am grateful for his healing therapy.

- Mimi Diba