Hip Preservation

What is hip preservation?

Hip preservation is an approach to treating patients’ hip problems through methods that correct the structure and restore the function of a hip so that patients can get back to the things they enjoy.

How is the hip preserved?

Many hip preservation procedures are performed arthroscopically—i.e. through two to four ½ inch incisions using a camera. There are some conditions that require open (non-arthroscopic) surgery to preserve the hip. The idea is to optimize your native hip rather than replacing it.

At WOSM, we are one of the few centers in the world that offer a full complement of hip preservation options at our WOSM Center for Hip Preservation.

Who can benefit from hip preservation procedures?

Activity related hip pain in young adult patients may be related to structural abnormalities in the hip or its surrounding structures. Many of these can be corrected in order to reduce pain, optimize function and potentially decrease the risk of degeneration of the hip joint.  For more info, please visit: http://www.andrewwolffmd.com/understanding-non-arthritic-hip-pain-andrew-b-wolff.html

What if I have arthritis?

Patients with arthritis are not likely to benefit from hip preservation procedures and are generally better served with hip replacement.

Fortunately, at the WOSM Center for Hip Preservation our specialists are experts in hip preservation as well as hip reconstruction (replacement).

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