I cut the nerves and tendons in four fingers as a result of an accident using a hedge trimmer. During the initial treatment at the Sibley emergency room, they told me I needed to have more extensive surgery.

My internist recommended Washington Orthopaedics Sports Medicine practice. Luckily, Dr. Moss, who is a hand surgeon, was  on call. He took me in right away. I was most impressed with his bedside manners; he was gentle, caring, and took the time to explain and answer all of my questions.  Dr. Moss performed the microsurgery for me later that day. Throughout the healing process, Dr. Moss was there, showing his care and concern.

I now have full use of my four fingers and can hardly see the stitches he put in. I was told by the hand therapist that the location and type of the tendon and nerve cuts in my hand were the most difficult to heal and return to full function.

The office staff in both offices have been super. Dr. Moss’s assistant has always been there to answer questions and follow through.

I cannot thank Dr. Moss enough. He is a rare combination of outstanding surgical skill and superb bedside manners. And thanks to him, I have full use of what I call my “miracle hand.”

- Tufan Kolan
Chevy Chase, MD