My first consultation with Dr. Starr was in the spring of 2008.  I sought Dr. Starr because his reputation was such that I considered him one of the top spinal surgeons in the country.  I met with Dr. Starr because I had had six back surgeries, and was still in tremendous pain.  My pain was concentrated in my back, but also in both my legs which made it very difficult for me to walk.

Dr. Starr is not only an extraordinary surgeon, he is a wonderful person.  He studied my MRIs and my X-rays, he talked with me at length, he took new X-rays, and he thought long and hard before giving me his opinion.  He demonstrated tremendous compassion and empathy for where I stood, what I had been through to date, and what his best advice was to be.  He communicates easily and well and readily explains anything that is asked of him.  He exudes confidence by virtue of his extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience.  After my first conversation with him I never wanted anyone else to operate again on my back.  However, I was unable to have the benefit of Dr. Starr’s surgical expertise until my eighth surgery in May 2009.  Following my consultation, I had two other doctors perform my seventh surgery which failed ten months later.  To me Dr. Starr is nothing short of a hero.  Although I still suffer some back pain caused largely by changes in barometric pressure, my hips and legs have zero pain, and my back, which is now fused from T11 – S1 (8 levels), is structurally sound and solid.

The office staff is an equally wonderful group of people.  It is so refreshing to be greeted and tended to by such an intelligent, bright, cheerful, competent group of people.  Each one makes the effort to know the patients, know who they are and what they need, and then they are able to quickly take care of them in a most effective way.

Washington Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine is a fabulous practice – it is definitely filled with the best and the brightest!

- Marion Frost