Total Shoulder Replacement

What is a shoulder replacement?

The shoulder is a complicated joint and replacement requires an experienced surgeon who has performed this surgery hundreds of times. Our orthopaedic surgeons are experienced joint replacement experts, who use the most novel and current approaches informed by the latest academic medical research.

A shoulder replacement involves removing the arthritic shoulder joint and replacing it with a metal and polyethylene(plastic) prosthesis.

Am I a good candidate for a shoulder replacement?

You are a good candidate for a shoulder replacement if:

  • Your shoulder pain wakes you up at night
  • Physical therapy and other conventional treatments have failed to control your shoulder pain
  • You can no longer partake in everyday, routine activities because of your shoulder pain or limited shoulder motion

What are the benefits of a shoulder replacement?

The benefits of a shoulder replacement include:

  • Alleviation of pain
  • Return to functional activities of daily living without pain
  • Return to sports activities like golf & tennis

What can I expect from a total shoulder replacement?

After initial evaluation, your surgeon will determine the appropriate course of treatment. You can expect the following from a total shoulder replacement:

  • A complete pre-operative workup that will focus on preparing you for your total shoulder replacement
  • One to two hour surgery with a combined regional and light general anesthesia for optimal post-operative pain control
  • One night stay in the hospital, with physical therapy beginning the day following surgery
  • Pain management protocol, decreasing dependence on pain medication every few days
  • 3-4 months of physical therapy
  • A return to most normal, routine activities within 3-6 months following surgery

Which physicians at WOSM perform this procedure?