Tony: (Dr. Unger)

I’ve wanted to tell you something for a few weeks but I’m hard wired that all good things end shortly after I discover them so I’ve waited a bit.  The news is quite astounding….for the first time in my life….I can walk. Not sorta walk. Not limp. Not up and down stairs one at a time.  I can simply walk.  To me it almost feels like flying.  Both legs work.  I can launch off both and land on both.  The pain in my legs is the least it has EVER been.  All the issues with my left ankle (no i didn’t really tell you how much it hurt) have largely melted away.  The pain in my femur is gone.  The swelling that was routine and common seems to be nonexistent. My stride gets longer by the day. I run all over NYC like I have not a care in the world. Its beyond words. And…
I owe it all to you my friend. 51 years old and I can finally understand how it feels to walk. I think I walk around with a smile on my face about half the time. I no longer stop and then step on or off a curb.  I can just navigate it. In and out of subway stations used to cause me stress every time.  I feared that my legs would fail me. I can stop and turn without fear that just that simple rotation will cause my legs to give way. You get the point. It’s just mind blowing.
I will tread carefully with my newfound gift.  I’ve been enormously patient with letting my leg recover. And I’m sure my normal state of discomfort for most would be limiting but for me its manageable. I’m still figuring out my limits and have yet to really work out my legs much beyond walking but nonetheless it is something I wanted to share you you.  Its all because of you Doc.  Nothing I could ever say or do will adequately express my deepest sense of appreciation for all you have done for me. Whatever life I have had has been given to me by you. You are a hero in my eyes. And I thought I should tell you.
You are the best.
PS:  Catherine is pretty awesome too 🙂
- Gregory Burnell