Four years ago, I was injured from a traffic accident and had developed traumatic hip arthritis which had caused me no longer able to walk without aids. My rheumatologist had recommended hip replacement surgery. Dr. Anthony Unger from Sibley Memorial Hospital was selected to be my surgeon. Dr. Unger is an internationally recognized expert in total joint replacement and minimally invasive surgery. He has developed a technique with an anterior approach, which is a true “muscle sparing operation”; This has several advantages; patients recovered faster and had fewer complications than the standard posterior approach.  My operation conducted by Dr. Unger and his team went so well that after the surgery, I had suffered no pain and with minimum discomfort. This was due to the fact that Dr. Unger has an in-depth knowledge on the medical aspects of the bone disease and he also has superior and skillful techniques in conducting this type of surgery- that’s why I had a seamless and successful operation.Thank you Dr. Unger! The staff was friendly and helpful during my time of need, I would also like to thank them to deliver such positive care to me!  If you need hip replacement surgery, go to Dr. Unger!!
by Dr. Marlee M. Tai, Professor, Nutritional Biochemistry on Jan 7th, 2014 (as written on vitals.com)
- Dr. Marlee M. Tai