Partial Knee Resurfacing Surgery

What is partial knee resurfacing surgery (PKR)?

Partial Knee Resurfacing (PKR) is a minimally invasive procedure for relieving arthritic knee pain and disability. During PKR, your orthopaedic surgeon only resurfaces the damaged surface of the knee joint, minimizing trauma to healthy bone and tissue.

Am I a good candidate for a PKR?

Your knee surgeon will be able to tell you if you are a good candidate for PKR. Generally, patients have minimal damage to the knee joint in order to have PKR.

What are the benefits of PKR?

Because PKR implants are much smaller than total knee implants, the surgical incision can be smaller as well, leading to less pain and a faster recovery.

What can I expect from PKR?

After initial evaluation, your surgeon will determine the appropriate course of treatment.  You can expect the following from partial knee resurfacing surgery:

  • A complete pre-operative workup that will focus on preparing you for your partial knee resurfacing surgery
  • One to two hour surgery
  • Two to three day-long stay in the hospital, with physical therapy beginning the day following surgery
  • Pain management protocol, decreasing dependence on pain medication every few days
  • Six weeks of physical therapy
  • A return to normal, routine activities within six to twelve weeks following surgery

Which physicians at WOSM perform this procedure?