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Billing and Health Insurance Policies

We are committed to providing superior care regardless of your particular insurance carrier. At Washington Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, we believe our patients deserve adequate time and individual attention. We are committed to emphasizing thorough and personalized care. In order to provide that level of care and attention, we have found it necessary to limit our insurance participation to Medicare alone.

Can I still see WOSM doctors if they do not participate with my insurance?
For those of our patients who have insurance other than Medicare, it simply means that to see one of our physicians, you will be seeing the physician “Out of Network”. Fortunately, most plans have different tiers of coverage, in which patients are usually permitted to see any doctor out of plan.

If your coverage is a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization), POS (Point of Service) or an HMO insurance plan that allows you to go out of network, you should have the flexibility to see our physicians.

How much will I have to pay to go “out of plan” to see the doctor of my choice?
The simple answer is, “it depends”, and is based on your individual insurance benefits and your health care provider’s fee schedule.

Your particular insurance benefits are usually very clear, and can usually be determined in advance of your appointment by either reading your policy or contacting your insurance company’s benefits office. The two most common differences in cost between seeing the physician of your choice “out of plan” versus having to see an “in plan” provider contracted by your insurance company are the:

  1. Amount of your annual deductible
  2. Amount of your co-insurance

How will my claim be processed?
For routine office visits, payment is expected at the time of service. We accept all traditional means of payment, including personal checks and most major credit cards.

As a courtesy to you, all visits will be billed to your insurance carrier so that you can receive reimbursement directly from them. In order to make that as efficient as possible, please be sure you have your current insurance information on file at the front desk with each visit.See what to bring to your first appointment. Surgical or MRI services will be first submitted to your insurance company.

Questions about billing?
Should you have any questions about your bill or the processing of your claim, please feel free to contact our billing office. They will assist you in addressing your concerns.

Please call 301-657-1996 Opt. 4

You can also email us:

Kay Luce WOSM - Billing
Theresa Lewis WOSM - Collections 


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